Other Brands


A themed bar with a relaxed atmosphere and environment inspired by sports, which also broadcasts the most important events of the day. Its menu offers draught beers, craft beers, wines, sparkling wines, appetizers and meals, among other items.


Espresso Mineiro, specializing in coffee roasting and pastries, offers delights of the traditional Minas Gerais cuisine, with sophisticated and freshly brewed coffee ground at the cafeteria.


As an on-the-go self-service concept in airports, Grab‘n‘Fly offers products with International Meal Company quality to passengers in an agile and practical manner. A Fast food concept in airports which promises to meet your needs at any time of day.


A cafeteria offering various options for those who want to savor a coffee in the country’s major airports.

Eat & Co

Concept created to meet the need of airport passengers, offering gastronomic diversity, comfort, high quality and agility in service.


With more than 30 years in the Colombian market, J&C Delícias, is a fast food chain specializing in "arrepas" a traditional Colombian snack.

Batata Inglesa

Batata Inglesa restaurant has the potato as protagonist of its menu, prepared in various ways. The chain offers several types of fillings and garnishes in its dishes.

RA Catering

RA Catering specializes in catering services for airlines all over Brazil. With extensive experience, the company has been in business since 1958.

LandShark Bar&Grill

The concept is to provide a tropical open-air bar experience, seats in the sand and oceanfront bonfire dining with delicious American food, drinks and music, unlike any other restaurant around.